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Pekdemir Farm, Pekdemir of the family's last name from a trademark or title. This trademark or appellation, Pekdemir family belongs, in the Province of Denizli, the online edition of the County, the Town of Alaattin was born. Pekdemir, surname, Emiroglu, Hasan, the Son of Haji Halil Pekdemir by the surname of the law during the implementation have been identified.

Pekdemir family with this brand, various sectors of the various enterprises within the community, and over 1000 providing employment.

in the early 1970s, Alaaddin town, long years of our country in various cities of the banking have done in the Late Nuri Long, production of eggs makes a farm was established. Pekdemir family here, inspired by this topic of study and a feasibility study was done on the family by the assembly, the median children Recep Pekdemir'e task was given. Recep Pekdemir Opium Basmakci'daki and the Aegean Region, the farms visited the applied knowledge. Agriculture, Ankara University, Faculty visited and technical information is received. This work can be done about the family of the council of the information presented.

Following this report, 1975 hold the proceeds of which 252.000 TL 1976 in early charged had been and Pekdemir Ciftligi'nin birth capital of 1975, keep the money. This money is credited, it was not enough. The online edition of the Ziraat Bank 50,000 TL credit received is not enough. This keeps the branch of the authority of the upper limit. Denizli Branch of the drove. Denizli Branch of the authority is 150.000 GBP, and it was here authorize the taking of the loan in the amount of 150,000 Tl have been removed. So 402.000 in the amount of TL investment was made. Of course, for investment halfway. Previously from the Izmir plot 1977, at the beginning of 500.000 Tl sold. Of this expenditure, together with the day of the 900 around the production of eggs, and executed his demise. Nice profit. Capacity genisletilmeliydi. For this, additional financial resources were needed. The agricultural Bank of Denizli Branch of a file prepared in the Directorate General for submission to the. If accepted, the sum of the loan of 1,000,000 Tl cikarilacakti. The file went and waited a while, there was no news. The situation on the spot, i.e. in Ankara to follow. It is the first to come to mind Denizli Former us Senator, and in 1977, the Agricultural Bank of the Board of Directors member of the Late Kemal demir visit the desired loan.

Produced on the farm eggs in the surrounding villages, towns and finally in 1978, the Denizli to the center of eggs wholesale sales began. Denizli is made from egg sales to the center for the sales made to the purpose of the visits is enough to have started. At that date, the family received by the decision of the city in the centre of istiklal caddesi is the current governor's mansion in the face of sales than the rest of the eggs in order to assess a small place has been kept. in 1978 in June, started to operate in and the wholesale post, the rest of the eggs in the week to defrost planned for this small place for the operation of the moment, Istanbul University, who served Prof. Dr. Recep Pekdemir father David Pekdemir by the lake. in 1978 in the 6th month of the drop-in this place previously, agriculture and livestock products, Pekdemir by the family of the products grown in the introduction, although Pekdemir Farm customers icerirsinde demands pulses, detergent, etc products have been added to the 1979 entered a small deli shop this place is in line with customer demands in a small market. in 1980, Denizli Bayramyeri area of 16 square meters, more in the rented Pekdemir Ciftligi'nin 2. as a branch and began its activities. This store customer demands and product range expansion of 1986 to the year before bayramyerindeki 60m2 in size to another store, there is still the moment, the activities of which 200 m2 Selcuk street on the store tasinilmistir.

Pekdemirler slowly growing, but the principles are never changed. Cheap price and quality of the product/service! Before 1986, Saltakta established in the store, in 1992, Station street, a new branch, and finally in 1998 Bayramyeri Leaded the street is a brand new Pekdemir!

15 September 2000, the historical and Pekdemirler both for Denizli was of great importance for. Because of Denizli came from within a local firm of Denizli, is the first and only local hypermarket. 2000 square meters of indoor area, over 20 thousand, and some kind of dozens of employees. Pekdemir Shopping Center, Denizli people saying hello.

Pekdemir Farm these services out of nowhere, no organization with the support of not only Denizli people with the contributions of their equity capital by working Denizli arising from the suns between him and retailing industry a wide range of the place.

in 2004, the 7th store Yenişehir opened in 2005.. yilindaDenizli'de the demand of the Butler market chain UMPAS'a 3 magazaninda Pekdemir'ler by the receipt of the City with the largest local chain olunmustu.
Pekdemir group is currently in Denizli, a total of 44 stores, a total of 24 thousand square meters of indoor space, 1000 top of the employees in total 44 store,5 Petrol station, etc, national and international, of the giant brands Denizli dealership with the nazilli district, Horsunlu taking place in town Karlik water bottle filling facilities within the bulunuran City with the largest groups.

For all of our people and our employees endless thanks to a lender know.


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