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xPeople are the most important resource of the principle set out in our company; all of the employees, as well as a family in the understanding of right and being honest without compromising the growth of a stable way continues.

Our company is included in the structure of every new project to work together with the azmimiz and the energy is increasing.

Our success is mainly entrepreneurial spirit of our employees, a selfless, customer satisfaction is our priority , quality esaslarimiz , expert management staff, the laws and the laws of the azemi care gostermemizdedir.

Our service; in the sector of information and experiences by combining the company objectives and corporate identity in the most beautiful way to reflect.

Founded in 1979 from the date within the community to contribute to the aims and the social responsibility of a corporate culture in which the company, in the district by the investments in this approach continues.

Halil Pekdemir Farm is very important for us ; Engineering ,Greenhouse, Fuel and Livestock in four of the area of investment.

Selfless and effective human resources, the innovation culture, technology, efficient and effective use of our efforts and our BRAND . Denizli Brand ‘ ‘HALIL PEKDEMIR FARM ‘reputation as companies added with the power to create sustainable value for the core business principle.

The successful results of the labor and the contributions of the role of all our employees and customers, thank you.



Chairman Of The Board


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