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Social sensitivity values of the light, the way the Pekdemir Farm , only the needs of society, appropriate projects for carrying out the will of the society, the environment and the world in which we live waiting for a solution to the issues identified by the solution for innovative steps.

Social problems of corporate responsibility, the importance and necessity of believing in all of the institutions of the guide have been the principles of Pekdemir Farm also since the past indispensable principles. In this way, the Pekdemir Farm in every period of pioneering and leadership given the power and responsibility to the society, for the purpose of serving many of the study is in place. Corporate social responsibility the understanding of the necessity for the social projects, transferring and processes, closely followed by social benefit, the highest level of employees to ensure Pekdemir Farm , in the different projects of the employees of voluntary participation is also encouraged in this area, and also pioneered revealed.

Pekdemir Farm for all of its employees, customers and business partners trust and ethical rules within the framework of the approach. In this perspective, the continuation of the work of our respect for the environment and sustainable development, the support is required. Pekdemir Farm in the society shares projects on the basis of environmentally sensitive, we live on the land, the air we breathe, the water we use to protect the approach to be seen. Children more healthy generations of the future to prepare for their environmental awareness with the growth in sporting and cultural activities to support their personal development the importance of providing Pekdemir Farm with social responsibility to the society will continue to invest in.

Pekdemir Farm Corporate Social Responsibility Projects
Pekdemir Farm environment, health, culture, arts, sports, education and social benefits to the society for the development needed in many areas, both in the corporate structure, as well as the employees of the voluntary contributions of the many projects being conducted.

Pekdemir Farm , community, working for the benefit of a variety of foundations, associations and non-governmental organizations to collaborate with it, as well as institutions continuous assistance to bulunmaktadir.Ihtiyac owners at certain times of food aid are made.

Pekdemir Farm as It is in the Town of 13 classrooms at the primary school is built.

Again, It is in the Town of 45 persons girl establishing the course was built.

Denizli-the online edition of on the way to the Halil Pekdemir Souvenir forests.


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